This page is full of resources that I have found very helpful in an artist society that often singles out the artwork of Christians as "Christian artwork" and seeks to make the work that we do lesser than that of the world.  Here is a list of books and blogs that I have found that encourage me and have helped me on my journey of accepting my true identity in Christ as an artist.


Heart of the Artist: A Character-Building Guide For You and Your Ministry Team
by Rory Noland 
(linked to his blog where you can also find resources and his other books such as Thriving as an Artist in the Church:Hope and Help for You and Your Ministry Team, The Worshiping Artist:Equipping You and Your Ministry Team to Lead Others in ,Worship on Earth as it is in Heaven: Exploring Worship as a Spiritual Discipline)
The first book I ever found about God & Art & Ministry, I was feeling so out of place at my church not knowing where my gifts truly belonged but found this at a half price books randomly!  I haven't finished it because there is so much information and lots of scripture references, but I will.  Also its great because there are questions for group discussions for ministry teams.  This is really a worship ministry study as he is an actualy musician, but he gives examples of things from worship to praise dance, visual arts and much more. I really got a lot out of it even though I'm a visual artist not a worship artist. I would suggest this for anyone who is a creative ministries pastor or worship ministry pastor/leader.
Art for God's Sake: A Call to Recover the Arts
by Dr. Philip Ryken
(linked to so you can look through the book, couldn't find a website for Dr. Philip Ryken, but did discover he is now the President of Wheaton College)
THIS BOOK BLOWS MY MIND! Its is only maybe 100 pages long, but the impact on my will stay with me forever.  As I read I began to realize that my confusion in where to use my gifts came from the fact that I was taught art in a secular school and "Christian art" was a seperate thing to them.  Anyone could do something religious, but to label it Christian changed the validity of it.  And so there was always that part of me that just wanted to be a regular artist, but this book changed that.  It showed me that my longing was to use my gifts of art to glorify His kingdom.  I read this book in one day and made notes in margins, underlined, highlighted almost everything in it.  If you are needing that refreshing spirit of why you are an artist or you are seeking something READ THIS BOOK.
Review of Art for God's Sake
Another review of Art for God's Sake

The Creative Call: an Artist’s Response to the Way of the Spirit
by Janice Elsheimer
(linked to her official website, you can find a summary of the book and a small excerpt from the introduction, but I would suggest going to amazon to take a look inside)

After finding the Heart of the Artist I was called to lay down my art for a time, through over use by minsitry who had never had an artist in their midst and by just getting burned out.  I had come to this place where I just didn't know how to get started again and this was my saving grace.  It was suggested to me on amazon as I was searching for any other books on the topic of God & Art/Artists as I had done so many times before. I told myself that in the summer of 2010 I would really focus on my art ministry. During this time I took a week trip to visit my Aunt & Uncle in Chicago, they've always supported my artistic talents and it would give me a chance to focus on this 8 week study. There were so many things that God revealed to me about my art that I hadn't even realized, I had to accept I was an artist, forgive those who might have made me doubt my talents, it helped me begin practicing my art everyday through journaling or drawing etc...this study made a difference. Now the only pitfall is that there are some things pulled in, like prayers etc from different sources that I have not researched to see the true origins of so I skipped over that.  But I would suggest that you take a look at this and make the decision if its worthwhile to try.
Imagine That: Discovering Your Unique Role as a Christian Artist
by Manuel Luz
(linked to his blog where he posts periodically about topics that relate to Christian Artists and other things)
This is my most recent addition to my growing Christian Artist library and I have just started reading it, the first few pages immediately grabbed my attention, this guy knows exactly how we feel as artists!  As soon as I finish it I will give a longer review.


This is a little rant article is written by a woman who over heard someone complaining about the art being shown, and while it does not directly related to God in anyway I believe that artists should be confident enough to know that they are artists and use the term.  Its refreshing to know that we're not the only ones who feel this way.

A very good article for basic things to look at in an art work if you're not well versed in the field of art and want to learn just briefly some things to look for when you go to a museum or a show.

God Doesn't Need Your Art
A short little blog about God, the artist and who really needs the art we create.  A nice reminder that we create to point others to the Almighty.

Your Work Matters
A bit of a read, but great insight on the work, no matter what it is, that we do should be unto God.

How to beat the greatest challenge Christian visual artists face today.
"So how do we overcome? Col 3:23 gives us a starting point.  Whatsoever we do, we work at it with all our HEART, working as unto the Lord, not for man. Recalibrating our expectations for applause and affirmation, is the first step to take. Jesus is the one we work for." (excerpt)


A short article about the Just Run for a Just Cause 5k fundraiser to help raise awareness about human trafficking and also where my friend Mariam Kagaso had a chance to share a strong word about forgiving those that smuggle others and praying for them.