Friday, October 9, 2015

Created For More

I love being at the bookstore. When I am feeling stressed I window shop the shelves for a while just wandering in and out of the isles. It's a great way to see what is new, what you've already read and see if anything grabs your attention.

During one of my recent trips to the bookstore just happened upon a devotional by Jonathan Malm called Created For More. As an artist I am always searching for devotionals that call me to use my gifts more consistently so when I picked it up and read a few sentences I knew this was for me. So far I am enjoying it. I'm alternating between a few other devotionals right now and I am really loving being creative while I study God's word and renew my mind.

It is a 30 day devotional and each day is broken into sections: 
  1. Spiritual Development 
  2. Prayer Starter 
  3. Change the Way you Think
  4. Challenge

This is my response to Day One. Yes I used a hashtag in my Bible.
I'm still in the first few days of the book, but I'll post more soon. 


What is something that you can do to be creative today or even this week? Share below.


  1. It's always FUN to find a new book that provides INSPIRATION for studying the Word. (Just popped over from the Bible Journaling Facebook group.)

    1. You're so right! Thanks for the comment Melissa!