Monday, October 12, 2015

BSF: The Study of Revelation

This year I am back with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) studying the book of Revelation. If you haven't heard of BSF before, it is an amazing ministry that meets once a week for a year and you study one book of the Bible for that time. It's FREE to join, just search for a class near you.

To help me remember what we are learning I'm using Bible Journaling to help, here is the piece I created for Revelation 1:12-18. I hope after seeing this  you are inspired to learn more about the Lord.

Revelation 1:12-18 I know it doesn't do Jesus justice, but it reminds
me of how I won't be able to comprehend his majesty until his 2nd coming.
Finding things in my Bible that I've forgotten I've put there.

What are you studying? Do you use a devotional or have a study group? Share below!

Prayer Requests:

1. That I will get more involved in my new church.
2. I took a leap of faith recently, that didn't exactly pan out. Asking that God shows me the next path I should take and what I can learn from being obedient. 
3. Pray for the Christians suffering persecution from ISIS, and also the families of those recently martyred in the Oregon shooting.

Until next time.


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