Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uncharted Territory.

Underground 4.

This is an art show that will be held February 11th, 2012.

Back in December of 2011 I was invited by one of my friends David who is one of the co-founders of ArtLoveMagic(an organization who works with artists to give them a place to showcase their work).  Initially I was hesitant to say the least. Underground could possibly be the biggest show of my art career to date and is the single largest show ALM does all year.  Underground 2011 pulled in about 1,200 people within a four hour period of time, and this year it looks to be just as big.

My initial hesitation was that of wanting to do as the Lord wished.  I have previously jumped into a show before seeking the guidance of the Lord and so I wanted to make sure that this was something that I needed to do and if it was, that it would be surrendered unto Him.  But doubt began to creep into my mind.  Questions arose:

"Do I have anything to offer to the show?"  I did not have any recent work readily available to showcase and had not been inspired in anyway to do something new.  "Could I even make something in time?"  The show was in two months what kind of body of work could I create for something that extensive. "Do I even have the talent to stand up with artists of this caliber?"  But I knew better and God knew better.

He prodded me.  "Do you think that I can't do it?" he asked.  Yes. Of course you can God.  I just had to wait on him, test my motives at all times so that I would not see this as promoting myself, but that it would be exalting my God.  The creation praising and worshiping the Creator.  I wanted to make sure that whatever God had planned for this art that it would show His character.

As artists it is so easy for us get caught up in wanting attention, to promote ourselves and our work.  But we must realize that as Christians our identity is not in our talents, not in our work, not in how much money we make or how many people we can get to make comment about us. No. Our identity is found IN CHRIST. Let us not get caught up in the talent/the art that can so easily become idols in our lives. [Romans 1:25]  Let us not seek the approval of men or human exaltation, but let us run after our God and live to please only him as we are servants and slaves to Christ Jesus the Living Water. [Galatians 1:10] I have to continually remind myself that after all is said and done, when I go on up to glory my King will not ask me how many paintings I sold or how many photographs were displayed in a museum but he will take account of every moment, of every good work and see if I loved Him and spent myself for him and obeyed him all of my days.

And so through these several months I have been praying and asking God to give vision and He did.

Two songs of inspiration as God and I worked together on the artwork.

I dropped off four paintings yesterday.  I'm not sure if they will all make it into the gallery showing, I'm not sure if anyone will like it or accept it as art or if they will write it off or belittle it because of its message, I am not sure of anything. But I do know that I was obedient to my Lord, and he is faithful.

This year I've been going to a weekly bible study class BSF and we are studying the book of Acts.  Discussing the early church and the travels of Paul is so encouraging.  At one point the question was asked: "Do you think that God can use you in places of darkness?"  This really hit me hard, how often as Christians do we shy away from places because of their darkness?  I know that it is wise to not let oneself be vulnerable, but I think of missionaries and martyrs that have gone before me and I see their light, the only light shining in the darkest of dark places.  And so as I go to the art show I will keep in mind that I am there representing my God and my Savior and shining light where very few Christians, let alone artists, dare to go.

Final thought: One way that God really put a burden on my heart for this art show was he had me begin reading in Lamentations. If you haven't read Lamentations I encourage you to do so. Much of the art I created actually has Lamentations 2 written in/on it. My heart weeps for the nations and souls of those away from God and I pray that with God as my teacher/mentor my art would bring people to know him.


P.S. A sneak peek of my the artwork. <3

Prayer Requests:

1. Pray that eyes and hearts will be open at the show.  That people would have ears to hear, and eyes to see God's character and love.