Thursday, March 10, 2011

Updates...I feel....

A few updates here:

The Work of Art-Remixed! facebook competition is over and I came in second place. It was fun, got some really great artwork out of it too.

The ArtistsWanted contest was also a bust so no money for my future trip to Cambodia just I'm actually not really that surprised because the content of my work was all about Jesus really.  And you know how the world feels about Him.

In other news God opened a door for a few of my photographs to be published!  Dr. T.L. Grover emailed me and asked for some pictures of her presentation for a publication.  Check out the website she is affiliated with On the front page she has this video:

If you don't know much about human trafficking, start with this video.  Its fairly basic, but it'll get you started.  Find more information on the new tab at the top of the blog: Anti-Human Trafficking Info.  
Thats all I have for today, I think I'm too tired from open house at my school.  

Many blessings to you.


Prayer Requests:
1. Our youth is taking a trip out to west Texas for Youth-A-Rama, pray for safety and strength.
2. Pray for our education system, if the proposed budget cuts are approved thousands of teachers will lose their jobs including possibly me.
3. Pray for my friend Drew who was pulled from his teaching placement because of his mentor teacher, he has to wait till next semester for a new placement.
4. Pray for Gordon Griffith that he will have strength to continue doing the Lord's work in Thailand.

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