Saturday, February 26, 2011

Free the Captives' 2011 Conference: Houston, TX

This weekend I had the privilege to travel with my best friend Mariam Kagaso down to Houston for an anti-human trafficking conference.  We are being hosted by Julie Waters the Director of the Free the Captives organization and her husband Ben.  I am just so blessed to be here right now, the speakers at the conference were amazing, there was even a session in which Julies Pastor Ted Law spoke about how art can be used to bring awareness and also healing. 

Since I go with Mariam to most of her speaking engagements, she mentioned to Julie that I was a photographer and she asked if I would take pictures and of course I agreed! It was really an amazing experience to capture these moments, the first annual conference of this epic Anti-Human Trafficking movement.  Through this opportunity God has opened up many doors for more speaking engagements for Mariam and more opportunities for myself as well to use my giftings to glorify Gods kingdom.

A few weekends ago Valentines day came around and I was also asked to do a photobooth for our youth groups event.  I asked another photographer in the church to help out as well and this experience made me realize something and really solidify my belief that God does the work through me.  At this particular event the other photographer had brought in lighting equipment, a white balance tool, and curtain stands for a background.  And to be quite honest, as she was telling me all these things about white balance and Fstop, shutter speed just made me realize how little I know about the ins and outs of my camera and how much I have to rely on God to do this work, to capture the moments he wants captured.  Now I've studied photography before aperture, DOF, etc....but God really just takes the camera and uses it I literally feel like its him clicking a picture.

So this weekend Mariam mentioned that I'd take many pictures for our church website and I said "Its not me, its God." Julie questioned me about it and I just have to say that I can't take credit for those pictures.  I can't take credit for any art that I make, I have no clue what I'm doing.  And I think I like it that way because its just another way that God proves himself true and able in my life.

More to come on the conference later, but these are thoughts I just had to share.


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