Monday, January 17, 2011

God Prepares the Called.

Back a few years ago God gave me a vision for my mission in life. I didn't realize it at the time that it was God speaking to me, but I it made such an impact on my that I've kept it inside all this time.

I want to travel, to take pictures and expose life to people who live in their little cookie cutter worlds. What will it take to do that? I'll need a backpack with my camera, a laptop and a journal to document all that I see. I'll have only two pairs of clothing, a toothbrush and paste, my glasses and a pony tail holder to keep my hair out of my face. I'll sleep on rocks and stare at the stars because quite frankly you can see millions of them out here where the nearest sign of an electric light pole is the single lone pole that I saw 300 miles ago as I left a little town made up of two families a goat and three chickens. I'll wear my shoes until the soles are gone and then I'll go barefoot until I find a shoe store in the desert and buy a pair of sandals made from grass and cardboard. The price is only so much but I'll pay them 10 times over because I want to see them smile once for the camera. Then I'll wear these shoes until I come to Southeast Asia in Cambodia where a little girl will gawk at my brand new shoes and I'll give them to her and take pictures as she puts them on and smiles at me just long enough for me to know that there is still hope in her life. I'll walk barefoot again just like my ancestors at one time must have done and I'll feel closer to them than ever before. And as I walk I notice a crowd come my way and the little girl comes from the back grabs my hand and leads me to their house where they've made me their honored guest and prepared food and entertainment by way of singing and playing instruments that I can't pronounce the names of. I'll drink their tea and eat their food and listen to their elders speak even though I have no idea what they say and nod and smile and take more pictures. I'll take pictures with a Polaroid camera though so the ones I take I can give to them and they make a big show of passing them around and then putting them on the walls of their small house. I'll stay the night and in the morning drink tea with them again and then be on my way still barefoot but happier all the same. 
I wrote this a while ago, but after beginning to read this book "Love Mercy" its coming to the forefront even more in my mind. This is what I want to do with my life. Take pictures in other countries and expose the realities of this to the American people, make it to where they can't turn away or ignore it.  I want to make the people in other countries real to kids who's biggest issue in life is if they'll get asked to homecoming. This nation needs a wake up call, and God is calling me to be apart of it.
This is what I want to do with my life.  I want to travel the world and show the nations God's glory.  God is preparing me for this.  I will faithfully go where he calls me and I will be prepared.  He has been preparing me for almost four years now, and as I continue to seek him I find that the time is drawing near when I will go into the world and do as he has called me.

This blog was originally going to be about my journey as an artist, in fact I had already started writing about art shows and things I was doing that related to my art, trivial entries about what camera bag I should buy etc...does any of that actually matter in the grand scheme of things? Is it relevant to God's kingdom?  Recently our church has been called to fast and I am finding that it has allowed me to devote time to God where I thought I had none, and through this God has awakened in me such a passion for his word and to glorify his kingdom.  It just shows me how much more I need his word and wisdom to continually fuel my fire, my desire for Him.

 The fire must be kept burning on the altar continuously; it must not go out.   [Leviticus 6:13]
My prayer if you are reading this is that you seek out God's will for your own gifts and talents, he has called all of us to use them for his glory and not burry them. [Matthew 25:14-30Romans 12:6-8] Do not let anyone make you feel like your gift doesn't matter and don't think that anyone elses gift is better. We are all called to glorify his name and when we keep our eyes on Him, when we keep ourselves focused on His kingdom instead of our own we will reap rewards of greater joy than we can even imagine.

I'm working on getting this blog fixed up, but I think this was a good way to restart it.



  1. I think it was the perfect way to restart it. God bless you. I love this!

  2. Coming back to it now it was definitely the way to restart! Thank you for the blessings and encouragement!


  3. I needed to know God called me to be a writer, photographer, creative artist, and poet. And glorify his truth and message to the world, so as to help push seeking people His perfect way. Into his good light. This helped, thank you! God bless your life! Thank you again!!!! JESUS IS LORD!